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We are an international transport and logistics services company. We started our business in 2008 with 1 truck and a few employees. Today, we have offices in Lithuania, Poland, France and Germany with 1300 employees and close to 1000 trucks. Due to the rapid growth of our customer base, we are not only expanding our range of services, but from 2020 we have opened a modern 6500 sq. m warehouse in France and have started to develop and offer contract logistics services.
Together with our professional and dedicated staff, we are not only developing innovative technologies, modern processes and systems that give our customers access to cargo tracking system, but also building a sustainable and socially responsible business.
Our priority is impeccable service and professional, first-class customer care.
We take care of our clients’ business as if it was our own, so we take responsibility together to deliver common results.

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Žana Kel

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Providing high-quality services to clients as if it was our own business.


Leading logistics company in Europe by customers‘ choice.

Vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet consists of more than 1000 own trucks that meet the highest standards and are equipped with cutting-edge technology. As a sustainable business, we only invest in new ‘Euro 6’ trucks, which allow us to reduce CO2 emissions.

The further development of the fleet is aimed at greener transport, so we will increase the number of LNG trucks, aiming for around 10% of the total fleet by 2025.

125 000
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We focus on new technologies, modernising and updating processes. This helps us optimise logistics processes, improve our service and reduce costs.

We are constantly updating our systems to automate and speed up the processes and give our customers access to a cargo tracking system that allows them to monitor their cargo in real time.

Integre Trans Sustainability Report 2021

We pursue sustainability policies in the areas of the environment, social responsibility and good governance. During 2021, we have intensively expanded our fleet by investing in new trucks, more than doubling the number of employees, as well as significantly increasing our annual turnover and profit figures. We have been awarded the EcoVadis GOLD medal, which confirms that we are among the top 5% of the companies in the areas of the environment, employee safety and human rights, ethics and sustainability.

We are pleased to present our second Sustainability Report and invite you to take a closer look.

As we following the path to sustainability, we concentrate our attention on the environment. Our head office is located in the PREMIUM Business Centre, which is BREEAM certified and has the Outstanding rating. The building is one of the TOP 100 most sustainable office buildings in the world according to GreenBookLive and has a green energy certificate, which confirms that the electricity used is 100%. produced from renewable energy sources (RES).

Green Policy is also important in the daily lives of our employees. We sort waste, reduce paper consumption, responsibly place orders for various goods for the office, use water sparingly and save electricity.

Believing that only together can we achieve the best results, we develop the Think Sustainable programme and encourage our employees to actively participate in the sustainable projects and initiatives we organise.

In 2021, Integre Trans was nominated for an Eco Performance Award as “THE TRANSFORMER OF THE YEAR 2020”.
In 2020, Integre Trans was included in the Financial Times annual ranking of the TOP 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe.
In 2018, Integre Trans made it into the top three of the Sector Leaders ranking, as one of the strongest companies in the transport sector.
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