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We are an international transport and logistics services company. We have offices in Lithuania, Poland, France and Germany. From 2020 we have opened a modern 6500 sq. m warehouse in France and have started to develop and offer contract logistics services. Together with our professional and dedicated staff, we are not only developing innovative technologies, modern processes and systems that give our customers access to cargo tracking system, but also building a sustainable and socially responsible business. Our priority is impeccable service and professional, first-class customer care. We take care of our clients’ business as if it was our own, so we take responsibility together to deliver common results.

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Providing high-quality services to clients as if it was our own business.


Leading logistics company in Europe by customers‘ choice.

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Our vehicle fleet consists of new trucks that meet the highest standards and are equipped with cutting-edge technology. As a sustainable business, we only invest in new ‘Euro 6’ trucks, which allow us to reduce CO2 emissions.

The further goal of the development of the truck fleet is more environmentally friendly transport.The further goal of the development of the truck fleet is more environmentally friendly transport.

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We focus on new technologies, modernising and updating processes. This helps us optimise logistics processes, improve our service and reduce costs.

We are constantly updating our systems to automate and speed up the processes and give our customers access to a cargo tracking system that allows them to monitor their cargo in real time.

In 2021, Integre Trans was nominated for an Eco Performance Award as “THE TRANSFORMER OF THE YEAR 2020”.
In 2020, Integre Trans was included in the Financial Times annual ranking of the TOP 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe.
In 2018, Integre Trans made it into the top three of the Sector Leaders ranking, as one of the strongest companies in the transport sector.
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