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Integre Trans Group ensures equal opportunities in the workplace, welcoming all candidates without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, disability or any other factor not directly related to the performance of the job. You can get acquainted with the Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy here.

Our greatest asset is our employees, who best reflect the company’s values and contribute to the success of the business. We work every day to provide a modern, safe, pleasant, motivating and growth-promoting working environment. Focus on employees is one of our company’s strategic goals, and we invest a lot of time and effort in our people to ensure that they are treated with equality, respect and dignity.

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We guarantee:

Fair payment of salaries
Employee qualification training
Ensuring employee health and safety
Ensuring and monitoring gender equality

Employee satisfaction surveys

We conduct an annual employee engagement and satisfaction survey to better understand employee needs and expectations. The survey asks employees of the Group whether they like their job; how they feel at work; how they feel about colleagues, managers, cooperation, etc.
In 2021, the survey showed a 27% increase in job satisfaction compared to 2020, and 96% of employees would recommend our company as a reliable employer. Employees are motivated by managers who are open to innovation, by the opportunities to use their skills and grow within the company, their colleagues, a positive company culture and interesting leisure activities.

Employee training and development

The Group regularly organises training for the development of general competencies, by providing our employees with opportunities to participate in various workshops and conferences, where the employees can improve their skills, as well as learn about innovations and good practices in their field.
The training programmes (in Lithuanian and English) develop business, management, leadership and personal skills.

Competence assessment interviews

Employees have an open competency assessment interview every year with their immediate line managers to discuss competency development, learning and career opportunities. Employees can express their expectations and identify their strengths that contribute to the company’s strategic objectives

Key facts about our team


Average length of service of our administrative staff


Average age of our administrative staff


Average age of our drivers


Representatives of different nationalities

29 %

Those occupying leadership positions

71 %

Those occupying leadership positions

59 %

Who became leaders inside the company

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