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September 29th, 2022

“Integre Trans” business development in 2022 – achievement of income growth of 50 percent represents its goal

This year, the growth was induced by decision to increase the fleet of trucks and perform more transport services by ourselves. However, very limited possibilities of recruiting drivers from third countries remain the biggest problem. In evaluating the results obtained this year, we plan to maintain the rate of growth of 50 percent and, in terms of percentage, the current level of profitability associated with it.

Žana Kel, head and owner of the company, says that the growth of both income and profitability was primarily determined by the increased own truck fleet, that was supplemented with 300 units. This allowed the company to perform more transport services by itself, instead of passing them to other carriers, as its forwarders used to do. Now, we manage a fleet of 800 own trucks.

The changing geopolitical situation and Russia’s war in Ukraine will not significantly affect activities and financial results of our company. This is because all our customers and suppliers are in Western Europe, transport services are performed only in the territory of Western Europe and in the United Kingdom.

Number of the company employees is increasing along with the scale of the activities. Today, the company employs 1,300 employees. According to the head of the company, in recent years, the company growth has been supported by the newly recruited drivers. However, the number of the office staff is growing along with the number of the drivers.


Rapid business development also creates a number of challenges

Recruitment of drivers is, currently, the biggest challenge. It is a big enough problem both in Lithuania and Poland. “The main problem lies in that documents are not issued to citizens of the countries from which we mainly recruit drivers, for example, to Belarusians. This is a far greater obstacle than a limited number of quotas in Lithuania”, – says Žana Kel.

Manufacturing sectors also face a number of challenges: not only manufacturers of road tractors and semi-trailers, but also documents issued to drivers are late. Therefore, not only manufacturers of trucks and semi-trailers are late, but there is also a delay in the issuance of documents that are issued to drivers. We are, therefore, expanding the supplier base and choose trucks from various manufacturers. We have DAF, Mercedes, Iveco trucks and 10 Scania trucks powered by liquefied gas. At the moment we buy vehicles that are available in the market and when the time limits of delivery are suit our needs.

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