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October 19th, 2022

Integre Trans provides financial support to POLA organisation

We are a socially responsible business, and have the support foundation Public Institution “Pagalba tau” (Help for you), that has been operating in the Integre Trans group of companies for 5 years. The purpose of this foundation is to contribute to the social needs of the employees of the group of companies and to provide them with financial support in the event of an accident in the family or when they become seriously ill. As we care about the well-being of our employees, we also wanted to contribute to well-being of other seriously ill people. So, in implementing a sustainable patient mentoring and navigation system for cancer patients, this year we started providing financial support to the Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA).

How did we discover POLA?

We opted to refuse to give Christmas gifts to our customers and partners from 2021, and decided to devote our attention and allocate additional financial resources, which we would have instead spent on buying and sending those gifts, for good and meaningful works. We wanted to contribute to solving socially sensitive issues and problems. Our team had to deal in the working environment with the employee who suffered from an oncological disease. We collected funds and provided that employee with all kinds of help. Step by step we wanted to contribute more and more to the help provided and this is how we discovered POLA. “We wanted to create change through action, together with a strong organisation and contribute to a specific project, which would change people’s lives”, – says Žana Kel, Head of the Integre Trans group of companies.


Patient mentoring and navigation system

The Patient mentoring and navigation system will consist of telephone assistance by volunteers – patient guides and of e-tool – a website with a navigation system, in which the existing problem in connection with the fact that currently, in Lithuania, information for patients is contained in different sources, it is not updated periodically, and is presented to the patient in an inconvenient form will be addressed in accordance with the question-answer principle. Persons wishing to receive information, but having no skills in using information search on the Internet, will benefit most from the new patient mentoring program. As research shows, patients usually rely on the experience of other patients.

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