Integre Trans turnover grew by 14%: plans for development abroad - Integretrans
May 21st, 2021

Integre Trans turnover grew by 14%: plans for development abroad

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the transport and logistics services company Integre Trans succeeded not only in increasing its financial results but also in significantly strengthening its workforce.

The turnover of the company, which is rapidly entering the markets of Western Europe, grew by 14% in 2020, while the number of employees increased by 51%. Over the year, the company completed approximately 85,000 orders across Europe, representing a 28% increase compared to 2019. About 40% of all the transportation took place in Germany, with around 30% in France, 10% each in Italy and the Benelux countries, and the remaining 10% in other countries.

The CEO of the company, Žana Kel, said that the year 2020 was an exceptional stage of significant development abroad. At the end of last year, the Integre Trans group of companies consisted of five companies operating not only in Lithuania but also in France, Germany, and Poland. In France, a 6,500 sq. m warehouse was opened to develop the company’s contract logistics services in that country.

“While the main directions of our exports have remained the same, in 2020, we also started developing in the United Kingdom and Italy. We now have over 2,000 clients across Western Europe. We aim to meet their needs by constantly investing in our truck fleet and modern systems that ensure smooth operations, as well as increasing the number of our employees and improving their competencies,” Ž. Kel explained.

In 2020, 130 new trucks were added to the company’s fleet, including vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). In 2021, we are expecting to continue expanding with at least another 200 trucks, some of which will be powered by less environmentally harmful liquefied natural gas. We are also planning the development of intermodal services and the implementation of new solutions that will improve the company’s operational efficiency.

“Progressive players in the transport sector are required to assess their impact on the environment, so we have consistently taken the position of having a fleet that consists only of new vehicles with lower CO2 emissions or that use alternative forms of fuel. The maximum age of our trucks is less than 4 years, while they meet the highest standards and the EURO 6 requirements,” the CEO of the company said.

Ž. Kel noted that the purchase of new trucks alone does not show the direction of the company’s sustainability, and that achieving the goals that have been set calls for additional initiatives. The company strictly adheres to the UN’s sustainability goals by constantly monitoring its fuel consumption indicators, analysing CO2 emission reports and optimising routes, all of which is done using modern IT technologies. The drivers are also taught safer and more environmentally friendly driving habits, while waste sorting within the company is contributing to the reduction of pollution, we save electricity and are using electronic documents, and we are moving in the direction of abandoning paper invoices.

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