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Find out about the stages and useful information for applying for a driver job in the Integre Trans Group. This will help you to prepare properly and get a job faster.

Steps for recruiting as a driver

1.  Applying for a job

Would you like to join our team of drivers? First of all, we invite you to take a look at the open job vacancies, the job description and the driver qualification requirements.

If our offer matches your expectations, competences and experience, click “Send CV!” and provide your contact details and other information about your experience (CV) requested in the form. Once you have filled in the required fields, click “Send”.

You can apply for a job in our company via a job advert, filling in a driver job form on our website or calling us.

2. Review of your application and first interview

After receiving your questionnaire or curriculum vitae (CV), the driver selection managers will assess the information you provide and your eligibility.

After the assessment of the data, a recruitment manager will contact you within 2 working days to inform you about the next steps in the recruitment process.

During the interview, we’ll talk briefly about your experience, clarify missing information, tell you about our company and the specifics of the job, discuss the job offer and answer your questions.

3. Qualification assessment

If you meet the initial requirements, the recruitment manager will send you an application form, which we ask you to complete as soon as possible.

Once we have received your completed questionnaire and assessed your experience and qualifications, we will ask you to send the documents necessary for your recruitment at Integre Trans.

4. Submitting required documents and assistance

If your competences and qualifications meet the requirements for the driver position, we will invite you to submit the documents required for recruitment, a list of which will be sent to you by our HR officer.

The need for and processing of additional documents depends on the country’s laws, the requirements of the Migration Department, legal updates, etc., so we understand the complexity of this process and provide drivers with professional assistance. Our company has recruitment partners who advise and assist drivers with the necessary paperwork.

Important! The average time it takes to get the paperwork in order is 2-3 months, depending on the driver’s existing documents and the length of time it takes to work with the authorities, which may vary.

5. Employment contract and training

Once all the necessary documents are ready and all the formalities have been completed, we will invite you to come to the Integre Trans Driver Academy in Vilnius.

Here you will start a 1-week training programme, update your knowledge and take the qualification tests. The Driver Academy offers both theory and practical training.

Find out more about the Driver Academy here.

You will be taught by professional teachers who are practitioners and have worked as drivers themselves, so they understand the importance and complexity of the job and its specifics.

At the Driving Academy, you will also sign your employment contract and other necessary documents.

6. Start of work

After a week of training, we’ll put you on your first voyage.

We congratulate you and wish safe travels!

Documents needed for employment:

For citizens of the European Union

  • Valid passport or identity card
  • Driving license – CE category
  • Code 95 training completion certificate
  • Driver (tachograph) card
  • Health check certificate
  • Other documents that may be needed for recruitment.

For third-country nationals

  • Valid passport
  • Driving license – CE category
  • Code 95 training completion certificate
  • Driver (tachograph) card
  • D visa or temporary residence permit
  • Health check certificate
  • Other documents that may be  necessary for recruitment.

Career opportunities for the driver

Driver – trainee

  • CE driving license category
  • Driving / 10t+ cargo transportation experience
  • If you don’t have experience of driving a truck in Europe, must have experience of driving a truck in CIS countries
  • Certificates of professional competence: possession of a “Code 95” and/or ADR certificate is an advantage
  • Knowledge of English (or German/French) is an advantage

Long-distance autonomous driver

  • CE driving license category
  • Tractor driving experience in Europe
  • Certificates of professional competence: “Code 95” and ADR certificate (A1 or A1+A2)
  • Knowledge of English (or German/French)

Driver for dangerous loads (ADR A2)

  • CE driving license category
  • Tractor driving experience in Europe
  • Professional competence certificates: “Code 95” and ADR certificate (A1+A2) – required
  • Knowledge of English (or German/French)

Traineeship programme

We also offer a traineeship programme for drivers, which lasts between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on experience and the results of the driving test.

Important! Our driving academy tests and improves driving skills but does not grant the CE category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We prefer you to have a CE category (no less than 10 tons). In such a case, you would be employed as a trainee driver.

We also offer a traineeship programme for drivers, which lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on experience and the results of the semi-truck driving test.

Yes. Drivers receive a financial reward during their traineeship.

Absolutely. We are always on hand to help drivers with not only their visas, but also other documents required for employment. Until the process of employment is complete, we always talk to our drivers, answer their questions and provide them with important information.

Yes, we help all drivers with the compulsory employment documents and other documents required by the authorities or the Migration Departments.

We regret to inform you that due to the high volume of orders we are currently only recruiting drivers with experience.

With more and more drivers being employed, we have a limited number of parking spaces available in car parking lots, but drivers can leave their belongings in special dedicated containers.

We do not, but if drivers need extra accommodation, we are happy to advise and help them find a comfortable place to stay.

The entire recruitment process is described extensively on our website. Press here.

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