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Drivers' Academy

Driver training is one of our business priorities

To ensure our drivers have a high level of qualifications, Integre Trans has set up a training center where all its drivers are constantly able to refine their skills and periodically upgrade their qualifications. The Integre Trans training center focuses on improving driving skills. The driver training, constant updating of knowledge and skills, and testing is leading to good results
in relation to reduced fuel and maintenance costs, as well as increased safety. Every month, we award the most environmentally friendly drivers.

Truck driving skills improve with each additional kilometer driven, but there is a limit where the driver becomes overconfident and the chance of mistakes increases. Learning helps avoid this “pit”. It is also necessary to keep in mind that road traffic rules are constantly changing, new restrictions appear, so constant control of the driver’s skills must take place. Technology is changing, requirements for ecology and road safety are becoming stricter, and all this encourages drivers to constantly deepen their knowledge.

Address of the Drivers’ academy: Basiukų g. 20, Vilnius.

Training truck

The training center has a special training truck, which allows for a live test of the driver’s professionalism and a practical application of the knowledge gained during the training.

Main training programs

Behavior-based safety (BBS)
Dangerous goods transportation (ADR)
Occupational safety and health (OSH)
Cargo handling and fastening
Document filling
Training in using the mobile app and systems

Our drivers are an essential component of a successful business, as they directly perform the main function of our business – freight transportation. For this reason, it is particularly important for us to take care of employee qualifications, their safety and health, and their job satisfaction.

Ecodriving training teaches Integre Trans drivers about ways to reduce fuel consumption, optimise travel costs, ecological awareness and its importance.

We have the ability to record the driver’s movement on the road and we alert the driver about incorrect driving parameters. We measure and monitor: truck idling, engine load, overspeed, use of autopilot,
rolling, economic speed and service brake application. The drivers are trained to drive safely, to protect
themselves and those around them. However, no less attention is paid to understanding eco-driving, because we live in a world that needs to be sustainable and each of us must take actions that contribute to reducing pollution.

Out training includes methods of driving analysis: telematics systems help us to see how a particular person drives a vehicle, analyse their mistakes, then teach them to use the full benefits of the technical means and develop insights.

We also analyse various situations and teach the nuances of cargo handling, fastening and document filling. Of course, it is also very important to train a driver in accident prevention, so various simulations are performed where the driver’s actions in the event of an accident are examined and ways to avoid them are sought.

In 2022 our drivers

Studied ~37152 hours
Listened to 13318 programs

A motivation system based on Ecodriving has been developed for drivers. We monitor the indicators on a monthly basis and reward the most economical and environmentally friendly drivers. Special positions have been created to monitor, control and manage Ecodriving.

Drivers’ Guide

We successfully use the Drivers’ Guide – a booklet that describes all the main issues of work specific to drivers – from cargo fastening, meaning of the markings, key words and phrases used in various languages to instructions on how to fill in cargo documents correctly, use Integre Trans mobile application, etc. The Drivers’ Guide is updated every year.

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We receive and closely monitor feedback on the quality of our drivers’ driving. This feedback helps us to assess the overall situation, solve problems and improve. With this in mind, we strive to maintain a two-way relationship with our drivers to ensure the highest quality service.

We are pleased with the many positive reports on the professional, responsible and safe behavior of our drivers on the road, which we share below.

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