REPORT OF GOOD DEEDS 2022 - Integretrans


Promise No. 1 ❄️

To contribute to the promotion of equality and diversity by supporting the National Equality and Diversity Awards.

Social responsibility is one of our priorities in the area of sustainability. To reflect the values of our organisation and promote human rights initiatives, in 2022 we became one of the main sponsors of the National Equality and Diversity Awards, and participated as a member of the jury in the processing of applications and the selection of winners.

Promise No. 2 ❄️

To plant 1,000 trees in order to offset CO2 emissions.

We understand that the transport sector generates very high levels of CO2 emissions, so it was important for us to find a way to reduce our CO2 footprint. On 23 April, more than 50 employees and their families took part in a tree planting campaign in Varėna District. With such a large team, we managed to plant many more trees than we had planned – 7,460 pine and 240 birch trees. We are determined to bring together an even bigger community of employees with their families in 2023, to make this beautiful campaign an ongoing reality.

Another way we have been able to compensate CO2 emissions was by purchasing 9,000 carbon offsets from a project in Mexico this year, which aims to produce renewable energy in Mexico by constructing and operating a 137.5 MW wind farm in Unión municipality. Thanks to this project, we have compensated 8,802 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Promise No. 3 ❄️

To help and support gifted children by setting up scholarships (postponed to 2023).

In light of the situation, we have provided assistance to Ukraine.

This project, which was launched with great enthusiasm, has run into some legal challenges, and the world has been shaken by the outbreak of war against Ukraine. We have therefore focused our energy on finding ways to help Ukraine. During the first months of the war, in coordination with the Lithuanian Red Cross, we contributed to the transport of urgently needed items to Ukraine. Together with Strong Together, we assisted the arriving refugees with issues ranging from transportation to accommodation, and helped them take their “first steps” in Lithuania. Every employee contributed in whatever way they could, from financial support to donating items or sharing information.
However, we have not forgotten our promise to support talented children, and we will keep it in the upcoming year 2023.


Promise No. 4 ❄️

To help patients with oncological diseases.

The Integre Trans group of companies has a support fund called “Help for you”, which was established 5 years ago in order to contribute to the social needs of our employees, and to provide financial support in case of family emergencies or serious illnesses. As part of our commitment to the well-being of our employees, we also wanted to contribute to the well-being of other people with serious illnesses. As a result, this year we started to provide financial support to the Cancer Patient Assistance Association (POLA) for the implementation of a sustainable Patient Mentoring and Navigation System for patients with oncological disease.

Find out more about the programme HERE.

Promise No. 5 ❄️

To allocate resources for the professional and personal development and the well-being of each employee.

Our employees have always been, and continue to be, our top priority. We do everything we can to make sure that they feel respected, equal and dignified in our group of companies, and that they have every opportunity to grow and excel.


Promise No. 6 ❄️

To implement 12 Think Sustainable initiatives.

For the past three years, in the Integre Trans group of companies, we have been running a sustainability programme called Think Sustainable. It includes a wide range of in-house initiatives related to the environment, social responsibility and occupational safety and health.
It’s great to see how these initiatives are engaging more and more of our employees. This year, we managed to implement 15 of them:


We encouraged people to walk more during our three-month long walking competition.


To encourage a more active lifestyle and to maintain the excitement, we offered a six-month cycling challenge.


We symbolically celebrated the end of the cycling challenge with a bike ride through the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Vilnius, which is already becoming a favourite tradition.


To promote sustainable exchanges, we launched a virtual “Integre Market”, where people were invited to exchange good quality items that they no longer use.


We declared August Zero Sugar Month, to share best practices and tips and encourage our employees to reduce and eliminate added sugars.


As the warm season approached, we offered employees the chance to swap their motor vehicles for electric scooters. Three scooters were provided for the use of employees, allowing them to move around the city more sustainably and often faster.


For the fifth year in a row, we took part in the Vilnius Marathon, with a record number of 50 employees running this year!


In September, we invited our staff to take part in a series of “Week without a Car” initiatives, to improve their health and raise awareness.


We took part in the “Healthy and Active Workplace” programme organised by the Vilnius City Public Health Bureau.


To promote safety awareness, we invited the children of our employees to a workshop about reflectors.


During the warm season, we promoted activity during working hours by inviting people to join the “Lunchtime Walkers Club”.


November has traditionally been dedicated to tolerance: raising awareness, inviting people to get involved in initiatives ranging from a national lunch for our driver colleagues, to breaking gender stereotypes through promoting the good examples of our colleagues.


To celebrate the festive season, we organised a workshop on sustainable Christmas toys made from recycled materials. The toys were used to decorate one of the Christmas trees in our office.


We will end the year by responding to the needs of those who need it the most – in cooperation with Maltesers, we will contribute to a more nutritious, warmer and happier Christmas for the elderly in Lithuania.


In addition, we started the festive season with a fundraising campaign for animals. This amount will allow us to meet the considerable needs of the pets at Tautmilė Animal Shelter.

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