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The Schedule of Procedures (hereinafter the Schedule of Procedures) for Disclosure of Information about Wrongdoings at “Integre Trans” group of companies (hereinafter the Company) shall set forth the procedure for the disclosure of information about the potential wrongdoings being prepared, already committed or taking place, for accepting the reports thereon, for evaluating the information about a wrongdoing provided therein and for decision-making in regards thereto. The provisions of the Schedule of Procedures shall apply to the information to be disclosed by the employees via the Company’s internal whistleblowing channel.

What is Wrongdoing?
A wrongdoing shall mean a potential criminal offence, administrative offence or disciplinary offence being prepared, taking place or already committed, including a gross violation of the binding regulations of professional ethics or another breach of law, which constitutes a threat to the public interest or which is in violation thereof, that the whistleblower have become aware of due to their current or past employment or contractual relationship with Integre Trans companies, also violations related to gender equality, direct or indirect discrimination at work, of which the informant becomes aware from their existing or previous employment or contractual relationship with Integre Trans companies. Information about wrongdoings shall be disclosed in order to protect the public interest. Disclosure of information in order to protect purely personal interests shall not be considered whistleblowing.

Who can report a Wrongdoing?
The Company’s internal whistleblowing channel may be used for disclosing information about wrongdoings by the person who is or has been in the employment or contractual relationship (advisory, contracting, internship, traineeship, volunteering, etc.) with the Company.

The Company manager and the employees, who receive, evaluate and investigate information relating to the persons and/or the Company’s employees disclosing information about wrongdoings, must ensure the confidentiality of such persons with the exceptions provided in the laws.

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