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Special freight transport

Transportation of dangerous goods


We provide a transportation of dangerous goods service, in compliance with the safety requirements, and guarantee the highest-quality transport. Only licensed vehicles with special equipment, driven by trained drivers and supervised by qualified managers, are used for the transportation of goods.

We will transport your freight in accordance with the EU regulations and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) recommendations, and the SQAS certificate we obtained in 2017 guarantees the quality of our transportation services. This means that we take proper care of the safety, health and environmental protection of our service personnel, and provide protection against possible losses due to accidents, incidents or breaches. This certificate guarantees that you have entrusted the transportation of your dangerous goods to an independently-assessed carrier with the respective international accreditation.

After a customer submits the related dangerous goods documentation, describes the non-standard requirements related to its transportation and indicates the pick-up and delivery locations, we will prepare a suitable vehicle and a detailed dangerous goods transportation plan, according to the individual needs of each customer.

Intermodal Solutions for Efficient Freight Transportation

Intermodal transportation is a fast and convenient way to deliver full truckloads (FTL) over long distances. We provide intermodal transportation services across Europe, combining rail and ferry. The longer the cargo distance, the more economical and ecological it is to choose an intermodal transportation method.

67% less CO² emissions
The supply chain is not interrupted during the weekend or public holidays
Maximum payload of 28 tons
Traffic jams are avoided
Safe for use with hazardous goods and ADR-Transport
Goods are better protected against accidents

Railway Connections across Europe

Intermodal railway connections offer businesses a seamless and eco-friendly solution for transporting goods across regions and countries, by combining rail transportation with other modes. Our company offers routes such as Benelux, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. Choose our services for increased efficiency, sustainability, and reliable freight transportation.

Read more about our Intermodal Solutions here:

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