Steps towards sustainability – part of everyday life at Integre Trans - Integretrans
March 30th, 2021

Steps towards sustainability – part of everyday life at Integre Trans

Integre Trans regards sustainability as more than just a trendy buzzword that has lately become more popular. Responsibility is one of the most important values at our company, which we not only loudly proclaim but also implement through sustainability actions.

Why is sustainability so important?

Sustainability is important to all the people around the world for a very simple reason: we will not be able to survive and maintain our current quality of life, species diversity or ecosystems if we move at the same pace as we are doing now and fail to take proactive actions. The root of any change lies in understanding this fact. Then all that we have to do is to take action at home, in communities, business and politics, and around the world, ranging from small everyday steps to complex strategic decisions.

Integre Trans sustainable development goals

Integre Trans is continuously and systematically implementing its sustainability policy. We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and our plastic consumption to protect our environment. We are also contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on the following three most important ones:

  1. Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.
  2. Ensuring sustainable consumption and production.
  3. Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

We believe that these goals are vital for securing a better future for ourselves and for generations to come. The implementation of these goals will lead to a greener and better-functioning economy and a stronger society.

Daily sustainability actions

The Integre Trans sustainability policy and development are focused on three groups: the environment, our employees and our society (clients, partners and communities). To reduce environmental pollution and our CO2 emissions, we are rapidly upgrading our truck fleet by purchasing new trucks that have lower CO2 emissions or that use alternative fuels. The maximum age of our trucks is less than 4 years. We are constantly monitoring our fuel consumption figures, analysing the carbon reports and looking to optimise routes by using innovative IT technologies. We have established an eco-driving academy where we are teaching our drivers safer and more environmentally friendly driving habits. In addition, we choose to work with suppliers who are also setting environmental goals for their operations.

However, we also believe that employee involvement is very important, so we are aiming to improve sustainable thinking within the company every day. This means that before we take any step, we think about its effect on the environment. We are promoting energy and water saving and waste recycling measures. For example, we have reduced the paper consumption in our office by 50%. We also have ongoing educational activities that are leading our employees to take personal sustainability actions, such as by drinking coffee from reusable cups or replacing their cars with bicycles. Furthermore, we are regularly involved in charity events, sports, family, and various ecological initiatives organised by our company or other organisations.

We sincerely believe in all of these steps and see the value they are creating for our clients, employees, partners, and all of the people who follow them. We have noticed that the implementation of every sustainability action has more benefits than simply protecting nature. They are great for cutting costs, improving the physical health of our employees, valuing what each of us has in our lives a bit more, and reducing the culture of waste.

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