Sustainability in the Integre Trans group of companies is understood and implemented through three main areas – environmental protection, social responsibility and good governance. Sustainability development is a strategic part of the company, integrated into the company’s operational processes, annual and strategic goals, daily internal communication to employees and public communication to other stakeholders, as well as education and awareness-raising initiatives and partnership projects.


Addressing climate change and minimizing resource consumption and waste generation

Social responsibility

Ensuring employee health and safety, promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, learning and career opportunities, social support projects

Good governance

Practicing sustainable business management, engaging stakeholders, promoting fair competition and anti-corruption measures, fostering innovation, and embracing digitization

The main strategic sustainability goals of the company

In the sustainability strategy, Integre Trans foresees the following main sustainability goals.

Integre Trans Sustainability Reports

The company’s sustainability efforts and advancements are most accurately portrayed in our sustainability reports, of which we have already compiled three. These reports adhere to the guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), showcasing our dedication to transparent and responsible reporting of our activities. The information presented in the sustainability report is categorized into key areas: environmental protection, social responsibility, and good governance (ESG).

We invite you to read Integre Trans sustainability reports.

➡️ Sustainability Report 2022 

➡️ Sustainability Report 2021

➡️ Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability certificates, awards, memberships


In 2023, EcoVadis, one of the world’s largest and most reliable business sustainability ranking companies, rated us with a bronze medal, which is awarded to 35% of audited companies in the areas of environmental protection, employee and human rights, ethics and sustainability.

European Clean Trucking Alliance (ECTA)

As a member of the European Clean Trucking Alliance, we contribute to the faster reduction of CO2 emissions from road freight vehicles.

Operation Clean Sweep® Europe 

We are proud members of the international Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) program, dedicated to preventing plastic pellets (granules, flakes, and powder) from entering the environment.

Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero

We are partners in the Drive to Zero program, which aims to accelerate the growth of the global zero-emission commercial vehicle space.

Sustainability news

The CSRD Directive: the challenges of identifying significant areas in a market context

The recently enforced CSRD directive not only disrupts established principles of business development but also compels businesses to approach their activities in a more accountable and responsible manner. One of the key questions it poses is, “Which aspects of sustainability are most crucial for my business, and what actions can be taken?”.

Sustainability in Focus: Company Resolutions for the Year Ahead

The challenges of economic recession, geopolitical tensions, and various other factors made 2023 a tough year for companies in the transport and logistics sector.

Exploring the Latest Truck Toll Regulations on CO2 emissions

Addressing the pressing issue of global climate change requires diverse actions, both at the national and international levels. The European Union (EU) has set an ambitious target, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic by 30% by 2030, benchmarked against 2005 levels.

Sustainability initiatives and events

Recognizing that our best results come from collective efforts, we have initiated the ‘Think Sustainable’ program, encouraging our employees to actively participate in organized sustainable activities, projects, and initiatives.

Annually, we present a report on our good deeds, showcasing our commitment to social responsibility within the company and in our interactions with other stakeholders.

Feel free to explore our reports on good deeds for 2022 and 2023, providing a detailed overview of the initiatives undertaken as part of the ‘Think Sustainable’ program.

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