UK manufacturers are looking for ways to the European Union after Brexit - Integretrans
December 30th, 2020

UK manufacturers are looking for ways to the European Union after Brexit

As United Kingdom and the European Union continue negotiations trying to find an agreement on a common post-Brexit trade, 1 January is already knocking on the door. UK food, beverages and other producers are looking forward to that day with anxiety. They still don’t know how things will go next year: what agreements, tariffs and procedures will be valid. So, instead of waiting for the end of negotiations, they are already looking for solutions.

Consequences of Brexit for UK manufacturers

Failure to reach a consensus would primarily affect buyers, as customs and procedural costs would increase the prices. At the same time, there would be problems that have ceased to exist for many years: inconsistencies in labeling, tedious checks, delays at borders and, at the same time, issues of food quality and freshness.

No longer believing in the agreement, UK distilleries and other producers are looking for ways to move their production to the European Union. It is a huge market that no one wants to lose, as it would lead to a decrease in turnover, financial losses, redundancies.

“Integre Trans” solution

“Integre Trans” is ready to help UK manufacturers. With our warehouses in neighboring France, we are able to accept and safely store British products, ensuring strict quality storage criteria. From these warehouses, we can distribute the products throughout the European Union, using our extensive network of trucks. This would reduce the burden of bureaucratic processes and increase the speed of delivery, making it easier and simpler for UK companies to reach the final consumer after 1 January 2021.”

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