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Road freight transport

Transportation of partial and full loads

We provide partial and full freight transportation services in all industrial and business areas, with the exception of frozen products. This is a convenient, fast and cost-effective means of transportation; each type of freight is insured according to the customer’s needs.

For our customers’ convenience, we will provide the opportunity to monitor your freight at any time of day. To this end, we have implemented a modern truck-on-line system, while specialist consultations are also available via our 24/7 Support programme. At every stage of our service provision, we are guided by the company’s mission to provide the highest quality services and take care of each freight load as if it were our own.

Partial truck load (LTL) transportation service

By properly preparing your freight for transportation, you can take advantage of our extensive logistics network. In this way, your freight will reach the specified location quickly and safely. The minimum amount of partial freight we will transport is 1 euro pallet.

Full truck load (FTL) transportation service

We will deliver a semi-trailer that meets the requirements for your freight, which you can then load conveniently and order the transportation of the load. The freight is transported directly to the specified location on the optimal route, without any intermediate reloading. Maximum parameters of the full truck load are length 13.6 m, height 2.7 m, weight 25 t.

Express delivery

Unforeseen situations call for the urgent solutions that we are ready to offer. We use all available means to provide our express freight delivery service. This ranges from the fastest route and the nearest available truck to extra transport provided by our reliable partners. We continue working every day to provide you with the highest quality services.

We will deliver a semi-trailer as a priority to the place of loading you have specified. The assigned truck and a crew of two drivers will then await your notice that the freight has been loaded. After receiving the notice, the freight will leave immediately. The fastest and safest delivery is ensured by the uninterrupted involvement of two drivers, right until the time when the freight arrives at the delivery site.

JIT and JIS transportation

We provide JIT and JIS transportation services to meet your ever-changing needs. We ensure the on-time delivery of the required amount of freight to your specified location. If you supply raw materials for your production, assembly, installation or intermediate goods lines under the JIS and JIT systems, this service under long-term full or partial contracts is perfect for you.

Delivering freight in the right order and at the right time is an integral part of a modern logistics operation. For this reason, we certify all possible components of our services: from general quality management to individual, special requirements. An extensive transport network and additional transportation partners are essential to our quality guarantee.

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