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Discover our range of trucks and trailers. Here you will find listings of vehicles for sale with detailed information, photos, and specifications.

Your reliable partner for quality used trucks and trailers!

We are ready to quickly help you find the right truck or trailer for your business. We value quality, reliability, and excellent service.
If you need to update or expand your fleet of trucks, we can help you.

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Well-known and reliable brands

Ensure safe cargo transportation and expand your business by choosing used trucks or trailers from our fleet

Maintained at manufacturer-authorized service centers

Technically sound

No insurance incidents

Verified mileage

With a complete service history of maintenance work

Reliable manufacturers

Why Choose Integre Trucks & Trailers?

We guarantee quality
Wide selection
First-hand trucks
Competitive prices
Lower investment
Professional team
Fast delivery

Quality Guaranteed

Every truck or trailer we offer has been checked, as we aim to ensure high quality and reliability.
The safety of both the truck driver and other road users, as well as the cargo, is one of our priorities.

Therefore, we maintain and regularly conduct thorough technical inspections and updates on our fleet of trucks. Providing services and transporting cargo, it is important to ensure that vehicles are reliable and function properly. Therefore, our used trucks are in excellent technical condition.

Our vehicles have been used on average for two years, and we can provide a service history.

Wide Selection

We can offer models and configurations from well-known and reliable vehicle manufacturers.

First-Hand Trucks

It’s important to remember that when buying a used truck, you should carefully inspect it, check its technical condition, and work with a reliable seller to be sure of the vehicle’s quality.

We sell well-maintained, first-hand used trucks.

Competitive Prices

Our goal is to offer the best truck or trailer. We guarantee that we will provide the best offer on the market today.

Lower Investment

A used truck costs significantly less than a new one, allowing for savings.

Professional Team

Our team has more than 20 years of experience, so we can competently advise, answer any questions, and help you decide which vehicle is most suitable for you.

Fast Delivery

You can purchase a used truck from us very quickly – here and now.


All vehicles were maintained at manufacturer-authorized service centers, and only original manufacturer parts were used during technical services.

We can provide a complete service history with filled-in information about maintenance work.

You can be assured of the accuracy of all vehicle mileages and proper maintenance, as the technical condition of the vehicles was regularly checked.


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Our team is ready to help you by answering questions, providing additional information, organizing a virtual or live inspection. If you want to inspect the trucks or trailers in person, contact us.

Tomas Vaičiulis

Head of Used Trucks Sales

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