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Sustainability strategy

This document describes how Integre Trans Group implements its sustainability strategy and ensures corporate responsibility in fulfilling its commitment to sustainability The Sustainability Strategy sets out Integre Trans’ ambition to become a sustainable company and contribute to a sustainable future. This strategy aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment, to set an example for Integre Trans’ activities and to contribute to the goal of climate neutrality. 

Integre Trans, through its logistics (freight forwarding) service activities, aims to ensure the implementation of long term environmental sustainability principles, to respond to the needs of its stakeholders, and to manage its impact on the Planet, Peopl e and the Company through real actions.  

Governance (ESG) Sustainable Corporate Governance and Development is understood by bringing together the 5 main parties involved: 

National and global institutions

Key corporate sustainability goals

Becoming a climate-neutral company (within the GHG Scope 1 and 2) by 2050, thereby contributing to the Paris Agreement and Europe’s Green Deal.
To contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by integrating them into the Company’s long-term strategy and day-to-day operations.
To implement circular-economy principles within the company.
To engage with all stakeholders on sustainability principles, based on ethical, transparent and fair business standards.

Priority United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the Company’s operations, based on the environmental impact on its activities and stakeholder expectations 


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