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Become our hauliers

If you represent a transport company or have your own truck, we invite you to become our partner. We offer cooperation for hauliers (subcontracting) and SPOT freights (one-off shipments).

We are a transport and logistics services company with offices in Lithuania, Poland, France and Germany, and we plan to expand the number of our own trucks to 2,200 in the coming years. We work with more than 830 regular clients from a wide range of sectors: food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, retail and wholesale, industry, manufacturing, chemicals, etc.

The main countries where our transport services are provided are in Western Europe: Germany, France, the Benelux countries, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Over the past few years, we have been steadily increasing our own fleet of trucks, working with a growing number of well-known international companies and expanding our intermodal services.

Job offer for hauliers (Subcontracting)

We offer permanent, year-round jobs in transporting freight in Western Europe

Freights and trucks

  • Work with full FTL or partial LTL freights without changing pallets
  • Employ your own trucks with curtain-sided or MEGA semi-trailers


  • Main routes: In DE/BE/NL/FR/ES/LUX/IT/AT

Mileage guaranteed

  • Average mileage is 11,000 km/month

Terms and conditions of payment

We work closely with CoFace, one of the most competent experts in credit insurance, risk management and the global economy, so we take invoice payments seriously and can guarantee responsible cooperation.

We pay our invoices on time
We pay for every kilometer – loaded or empty
Tunnels, trains, transit through the AT are charged extra

Professional service for hauliers

  • One haulier, one manager
  • Our manager is searching for freight for you
  • All problems are solved promptly with one designated manager
  • We communicate in the language of your choice – Lithuanian, English, Polish or Russian
  • Support 24/7

Electronic management of information and documents

We give our subcontractors access to our document and freight management system, which is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

Easy upload and management of documents and payments
Transparent management of orders
Transparent management of information

Qualifications required for hauliers

Trucks and trailers

  • Euro VI trucks
  • Standard sheet or MEGA trailer


  • GPS tracking system installed

Fastening equipment

  • 20 belts
  • corner protection
  • 40 non-slip mats


  • CMR insurance over EUR 200k or 8.33 SDR per kg

SPOT freight (one-off shipments)

Work without commitment. Can’t find a freight for your truck? Contact us.

We take an individual approach to each haulier’s needs and take care of them throughout the entire cooperation, from loading to invoice payment.  We are focused on long-term relationships. We have a good understanding of the market, the needs of hauliers and the specifics of transporting different types of curtain-sided semi-trailers and refrigerated trucks.

Between all European countries, between Eastern countries and the Baltic States
We pay 45 days after the invoices and transport documents are submitted electronically
We communicate in the language of your choice – Lithuanian, English, Polish or Russian


Integre Trans is valued for its on-time deliveries and the best team in the industry, and we have earned a reputation in the market as a reliable and responsible company that cares about its employees and customers, as well as its hauliers.

We see cooperation with hauliers as an excellent opportunity to guarantee your employment and remuneration, and for us to ensure the quality and timeliness of meeting needs of our customers.

General terms and conditions for freight transportation

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