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July 4th, 2023

Integre Trans provides €6,000 scholarships for first-year logistics students

Integre Trans, an international transport and logistics company, has signed a support agreement with VILNIUS TECH and established scholarships to encourage and attract more future logistics professionals.

This year, Integre Trans is planning to provide €6,000 scholarships for first-year students who have chosen to study Transport Engineering Economics and Logistics at VILNIUS TECH. Three first-year students will receive an annual scholarship for the 2023–2024 period, with no obligation to join Integre Trans.

“Our company is using this programme to encourage graduates and young people to consider the logistics field. Given the growth rate of the logistics and transport sector and the current shortage of employees, the aim of this initiative is to encourage talented and forward-thinking students to pursue a degree in logistics, and our financial support will help them to achieve their goals during their studies,” said Žana Kel, CEO of Integre Trans.

Integre Trans encourages diversity and the involvement of different talented individuals in the logistics field. That is why the scholarship application process will not only look at the candidates’ academic achievements, but also their attitude and motivation. The selection criteria for the scholarship recipients will include their admission score, academic performance and a motivational interview with the company representatives.

Žana Kel hopes that this support will encourage the students to achieve high results during their studies, and that in the future they will considering coming to our company to take part in internships and contribute to the development, sustainability and innovation in our rapidly growing business. This is a great opportunity for students to start their career in a successfully growing international company. During an internship, the students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills and to get involved in various projects and initiatives.

The scholarship programme is just one of the many projects undertaken by Integre Trans, demonstrating that the company is not only striving for high performance standards, but also investing in the future by contributing to the growth of new talent.

Kristina Pocė, Recruitment Partner at Integre Trans, talked about the exciting career prospects and opportunities available in this dynamic and fast-growing business.

“Logistics studies are a good choice, because they open up interesting and broad career prospects both in Lithuania and internationally. This study field offers students the opportunity to acquire a wide range of knowledge and a competitive advantage in the labour market. For example, the Transport Engineering course at VILNIUS TECH not only provides students with a knowledge of logistics and transport management, but also the fundamentals of business, finance and economics,” Kristina Pocė explained.

A degree in logistics can lead to jobs in both the public and private sectors, in industries ranging from manufacturing and trade to transport and supply chain management. There is also a possibility to specialise in specific areas of logistics, such as supply chain management, warehousing, transport organisation or international transport.

Globalisation and international trade, as well as e-commerce are on the rise, leading to an increasing demand for logistics professionals. There is also a growing demand for innovative logistics solutions related to sustainability, technology deployment and resource efficiency. All that requires employees with different skills and areas of knowledge. Logistics is a field that is constantly faced with many complex and dynamic projects that require problem-solving, strategic thinking and effective resource management skills. Working in logistics will offer you many opportunities to get involved in a wide range of tasks, from process optimisation to international transport organisation, and you’ll be constantly exposed to innovations and new technologies.

In logistics, the international career opportunities are also endless, as most companies have direct or indirect relations with foreign partners, customers or branches.

In addition, logistics professionals are valued and are rewarded accordingly – with the right skills and experience, the salaries are highly competitive.

In summary, the logistics sector is constantly growing and changing, with new technologies and solutions emerging to achieve better efficiency and sustainability. Employees who are willing to improve their knowledge and are ready to take on new challenges will move up the career ladder. It is a dynamic and intriguing field, in which it is possible to pursue one’s goals and successfully grow as a professional.


Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) is an innovative Lithuanian university, dedicated to educating creative and highly-qualified professionals. The university is a leader in the field of technological sciences and provides modern, labour market-oriented study courses. Research and experimental development work is carried out in 13 institutes, 4 research centres and 22 research laboratories.

VILNIUS TECH ranked in the 701-750 group in the QS World University Rankings 2023. These results show that Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) continues to be among the country’s leading higher education institutions. VILNIUS TECH scores in 2 fields and 7 areas.

About the Transport Engineering Economics and Logistics study programme

The Transport Engineering Economics and Logistics study course provides students with a foundation in logistics, transport management, business, finance and economics. It also ensures they develop the ability to organise domestic and international freight and passenger transport, the distribution of products and goods, and to apply their knowledge in market research, planning and supervision in all areas of activity where a high level of service and the best possible quality are required at a reasonable price.

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