Equality, diversity, inclusion - Integretrans

Equality, diversity, inclusion

General indicators

Equality and diversity


Childcare and human rights

Initiatives and support

Financial support for the POLA organization

Equality and diversity month

Internal training programs

Employee wellbeing/satisfaction survey

Support campaigns for Ukraine, Maltese organization, animal shelter

Financial support for the conference of the Lithuanian Business Women’s Network

Policies and procedures

Code of Ethics and social Responsibility
Equal Opportunities Group
Equal Opportunities Plan
Personnel management policy
Equal opportunity, non-discrimination, violence and harassment prevention policy


All indicators are calculated for the Integre Trans group of companies

(UAB Integre Trans, Integre Trans GmbH, Integre Trans France S.A.R.L, Integre Logistics S.A.R.L, Integre Trans Poland Sp.z.o.o. and UAB Sofija)

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