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The group of the companies performs activities by following strategical and annual goals that are structured according to the processes implemented in the company, established priority fields of sustainability (ESG, Environmental, Social & Governance) and an annual environmental analysis.

Our principles of sustainable business development include: attention to our clients; attention to our employees; integration of the most recent technologies; ensuring security and quality; ensuring personal data protection; attention to the environment (implementation of ESG principles); ensuring equal rights, opportunities for people and work; prevention of discrimination and harassment; intolerance of forced labour and child labour; ensuring safe driving during trainings; implementation of provisions in relation to work time; ensuring adequate wages and related privileges; ensuring employees’ health and safety; ensuring business integrity (prevention of bribery); ensuring fair competition, prevention of corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing.

We have integrated the 3 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the field of good governance

The corporate group’s strategy incorporates a total of 11 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

5. Gender equality

To reach gender equality and prevalence of women and girls.

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

To build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive industrialization and foster innovation.

17. Partnerships for the goals

To strengthen implementation measures and to revive partnerships for sustainable development.

How we ensure the implementation of sustainability

Sustainability policy

Sustainability strategy

Resourse / waste reduction plan

Stakeholder engagement

To ensure successful and sustainable business development, we recognize the critical role of involving stakeholders in both strategic and executive processes. Through active collaboration with our stakeholders, we not only foster trust and cultivate paths to successful partnerships but also gain invaluable insights that are integrated into our operational strategy.

In 2023, we conducted the first stakeholder survey on the scale of the Integre Trans group of companies, with participation from 318 respondents.

Key stakeholders of Integre Trans:

Association members

We invite you to read more about the survey and its results in the sustainability report (pages 23-24).

Ensuring equal opportunities

The Equality Group at Integre Trans is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing and ensuring equal opportunities. The designated Equal Opportunities Coordinator plays a crucial role in enhancing employees’ awareness of diversity and equal opportunities through training, communication tools, and the establishment of an environment that fosters equal opportunities in all internal company processes.

In our company group, we’re working towards having more women in managerial and administrative roles, with a goal of at least 40%. Our CEO, Žana Kel, has endorsed the Council of the European Union’s declaration in Paris, advocating for greater gender equality in the business sector, specifically aiming for women to represent at least 40% in the administration.

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