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The work of a truck driver is very demanding and at the same time difficult, requiring different skills and qualities, endurance, responsibility and attentiveness. Drivers spend long hours on trips, they don’t see their loved ones and homes for weeks.

We understand and appreciate the work of  our drivers, so we take care of them in the same way as every other employee of the company.

Our priority is people, this is also reflected in our slogan #Anywhere for you. We care about You, because we believe that feeling gratitude you will care and do more for clients.

In recent years, we have devoted a lot of attention and effort to equalizing working conditions and additional benefits for all employees.

How we take care of our drivers

Equality for everyone
Fair reward
Modern working tools
Training and development
Flexible working conditions
Communication and support 24/7
Career opportunities
Additional benefits

Diversity and equality

We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome all candidates without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, disability or any other factor not directly related to the job.

We have received a certificate of three “Equal opportunities wings” which proves our commitment to equal opportunities, and at the National equality and diversity awards we were the only Lithuanian company among the 4 Lithuanian businesses that sponsored the awards.

Fair reward

We guarantee fair, stable and timely payment of salaries and advances. The calculation of remuneration for drivers will start once they start their journey to the tractor unit. We also pay for the day’s travel to/from the tractor unit and arrange for the drivers to be taken to/from the location of the tractor unit by shuttle buses, and the calculation of drivers’ remuneration starts from that day.

Career opportunities

We give all drivers the opportunity to grow and improve. Depending on the drivers’ competences, drivers can start their career path from trainee drivers and grow up to long-distance independent drivers or dangerous goods (ADR A2) drivers.

Training and development

We have established a Driver’s Academy, where we provide all drivers with the necessary qualifications by training and preparing them for work with our fleet of trucks.

Health and safety

We ensure clean, safe and comfortable working conditions for all drivers. We share healthy eating tips and exercise with the drivers, which we encourage them to do during rest. All our drivers are also covered by additional health insurance that is valid throughout Europe.


For all drivers who have worked for 10 years, expressing gratitude for their loyalty, we present a personal gift – a valuable watch. In case of an unfortunate event in the immediate surroundings, we also strive to provide assistance to our drivers and show special attention.

Work anniversary


We provide all employed drivers with high-quality workwear featuring the company’s branding.



At the Drivers’ Academy, we treat all drivers to coffee, tea and fresh fruit.

Coffee, tea

Events and social initiatives

We try to include drivers in all organized initiatives and events as much as remote work allows.

We organize virtual brain games and quizzes, invite to participate in various competitions, and reward the most active players.

One of our biggest initiatives is the annual Tolerance month, during which we invite drivers to celebrate the friendship of nations, treat them to food from different countries and nations, and invite them to take part in photo competitions and quizzes. We also involve children in the initiatives and invite them to draw pictures and take part in competitions.

Contests and awards

Drivers have a motivational system based on ECO driving. Every month we monitor the indicators and reward the most economical and environmentally friendly employees. Each month, drivers also participate in a photographer of the month competition where they capture stunning shots from their journeys, and the winner of the most stunning shot, chosen by the drivers themselves, gets an extra gift. Every year we also have a special nomination – driver of the year, and we show special attention and appreciation to the chosen best Integre Trans driver of the year.

Best driver of the year
Photographer driver
Best Eco driver of the quarter
Driver – ambassador

Ambassador program

Drivers, like other employees of the company, have the opportunity to become ambassadors of the company and share their inspiring stories about the driving profession and the life that takes place in the driver’s cabin. For shared stories, drivers receive company-related gifts and we share their stories on our company’s social media.

Communication with drivers

We pay special attention to the work of the driver and the transport manager together, organize training, conduct surveys and ask for feedback.

We have a large team of transport managers who organize the drivers’ work, monitor the routes and ensure successful trips, timely and safe delivery of cargo. Our managers speak Russian, English, Polish languages. We have special training programs for managers to communicate the information properly and provide remote assistance to drivers in case of difficulties.

Mobile app

Drivers use the Integre Trans mobile application, where they can quickly and conveniently register before leaving for the term and submit business trip documents, sign orders or leave their observations and other comments, which we always try to take into account and continue to expand the functionality of the app.


Chat groups

We have created chat groups for drivers, where they communicate with each other, share current news and quickly reach managers to get the information they need.


We want drivers to feel as close as possible to the company life, so we send newsletters and share company news, events, relevant information and advice.

Modern working tools

Modern fleet of trucks

To ensure maximum comfort and safety of our drivers’ workplaces, we are renewing and expanding our own fleet of all-new trucks. The average age of our own truck fleet is 1.3 years. Trucks are replaced every 3 years. All trucks are Euro 6 compliant, and have the latest technology installed inside to control and reduce CO2. The trucks are equipped with modern equipment that contributes to comfortable, efficient and safe working conditions. All drivers are equipped with GSM mobile and radio communication and tablets.

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