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The report on good deeds is our commitment to contribute not only to the creation of a sustainable environment but also to the formation of a safe and happy society. As the year 2023 ends, we share our report on the good deeds we have done, and we hope that our ongoing projects will inspire you to engage in meaningful work that benefits the environment, employees, and other communities. Only together, we can  contribute to creating positive change!

We implemented a volunteering encouragement project. 🤝

Understanding that only together we can contribute to building a better society, we provided our employees with the opportunity to volunteer for one paid working day per calendar year in a chosen non-governmental or charitable organization. The first volunteers – employees, weaved nets for Ukrainian defenders and assisted the ‘Food Bank’ organization.

We planted 11,000 trees in the forests of the Varėna district. 🌱 

This year, we continued our tree planting campaign, and together with employees and their families, we planted a total of 11,000 trees in the forests of Varėna district. Compared to 2022, we can be proud because we planted 3,300 more trees. By continuing this initiative, we contribute to a greener and cleaner environment.

We provided 6,000 Euros in financial support for VILNIUS TECH University students. 

We signed a support agreement with VILNIUS TECH University and established a one-time annual financial scholarship for first-year students in the logistics field, aiming to encourage and attract more future specialists in this area. We are pleased that through this support, we could contribute to the education of young, future professionals, and we hope that it will inspire students not only to achieve the highest results during their studies but also to develop a passion for the transport sector. 

We participated in the river cleaning action organized by River Cleanup Lithuania. 🌊 

To preserve biodiversity and prevent plastic entry from rivers into other water bodies, this year, we decided to participate in the riverbank cleaning event organized by River Cleanup Lithuania. Together with employees and their families, we collected waste along the banks of the Neris River in Vilnius. Understanding the pressing issue of river pollution and the importance of preserving biodiversity, we hope to continue this initiative in the coming years.

We shared good practices with other businesses. ⭐️ 

Understanding that achieving the high sustainability requirements set for the business sector relies on sharing good practices, we actively participated in several events. These include the conference of the company group ‘Achema Group,’ titled ‘Sustainable Personnel Management – Mission (Im)possible’; the Transporeon sustainability month project; and an event organized by the Vilnius Businesswomen’s Employment Service. During these events, we shared our company group’s sustainability strategy, emphasizing not only how we implement social responsibility but also providing real examples and experiences from our activities. These encompassed challenges faced in educating and involving our employees in sustainability initiatives and projects.

We allocated support for patients with oncological diseases. 🚑

We were continuing to provide financial assistance to the Assistance for Oncology Patients Association (POLA). This support extends to the implementation of a sustainable patient mentoring and navigation system for individuals with cancer—an initiative that began last year. Additionally, within our company group, we have a support fund called ‘Help for You,’ established for six years. This fund is dedicated to addressing the social needs of employees and providing financial assistance in cases of family emergencies or serious illnesses. 

We opened the Employee Ambassadors Club. 🙋 

This year, we gathered employees who love their work and launched a new project – the Ambassadors Club, where employees actively engage not only in company-organized social activities and sustainability projects but also motivate other colleagues to participate. Ambassadors also actively share the company’s life in their social space and communicate about sustainability projects: they encourage volunteering, share tips for reducing CO2, talk about gender equality and tolerance, and discuss other current societal issues by sharing our company’s experience.

We started publishing monthly sustainability newsletters as part of our ‘Sustainability Journey.’ 💡

To promote sustainability not only within the company but also beyond its borders – engaging in discussions with all interested parties – we prepare a sustainability newsletter on the LinkedIn social media platform every month. In these newsletters, we share information about ongoing projects along with insights from our employees who are experts in the field. This year, we have released 9 newsletters. You can read them here. 

We implemented 12 Think Sustainable initiatives. 🌏 

For the past four years, in the Integre Trans group of companies, we have been running a sustainability program called Think Sustainable. It includes a wide range of in-house initiatives related to the environment, social responsibility, and occupational safety and health.


Employee participated in a walking challenge for 3 months aimed at promoting an active lifestyle.


To promote employee well-being and encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation alternatives, we organized a traditional bicycle challenge for our employees, which lasted a remarkable 4 months. Employees actively pedaled their bicycles and tracked the total kilometers ridden.


Together with the participants of the bicycle challenge and other employees, we organized a traditional bike tour through the most beautiful surroundings of Vilnius city.


We celebrated “Car-Free Week” and encouraged employees to exchange environmentally harmful modes of transportation for more sustainable options: swapping private cars for public transport, commuting to work together with colleagues, and utilizing the company’s electric scooters for employees’ needs.


For the sixth consecutive year, we participated in the Vilnius Marathon event and in new running events: the Kaunas Marathon and the Alfa Run obstacle course. Employees actively engaged in running various distances, and in the Alfa Run event, they experienced extreme running that demanded a lot of endurance.


November was traditionally dedicated to equality and tolerance: we increased employees’ awareness by collectively creating a Friendship Tree, implemented tolerance lunches, and engaged in more activities related to promoting equality and tolerance within the organization.


During the holiday season, we welcomed employees by inviting them to sustainable Christmas tree workshops using recycled materials. The sustainable Christmas trees not only showcased the creativity of employees but also became excellent festive office decorations.


We concluded the year with two charitable initiatives aimed at supporting those in need. This year, we fulfilled the dreams of 13 children and brought joy to 20 elderly individuals with Maltesers.


We joined the global mental health day on the occasion of the initiative ‘Green Light for Life’ organized by the Youth Line, expressing solidarity and concern for this issue.


We participated in a lecture with Virginija Grigaitė-Petkevičienė on the importance of physical activity for our health and disease prevention.


We took part in a lecture-discussion with Aurimas Uldukis, a representative of ‘Waste Culture,’ and discussed all relevant issues related to waste sorting and management after disposal.


We had an open discussion with Professor Vytautas Ašeris on ‘How to reconcile humor and tolerance without crossing boundaries?

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