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February 7th, 2024

Sustainability in Focus: Company Resolutions for the Year Ahead.

The challenges of economic recession, geopolitical tensions, and various other factors made 2023 a tough year for companies in the transport and logistics sector. These difficulties prompted us to seek quick solutions for operational efficiency and optimization. Alongside these challenges, commitments to sustainability are also gaining momentum each year: the new pollution tax in Germany, which took effect in December 2023, is driving up operating costs; the recently adopted Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) demands significant human capital resources, even more substantial investments in digitization and innovation, and a deeper integration of sustainability aspects into the company’s operational processes. Customers are increasingly setting high standards for sustainability implementation and disclosure requirements, making them key factors in the selection of transport suppliers. Additionally, we observe a growing public interest in the disclosure and results of sustainable activities. These, among other factors, are shaping the clear strategic direction of the company’s activities this year.


Preparing for the implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Although we have been preparing and publishing sustainability reports for three years in a row, it must be admitted that the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive that we fall under and the requirements arising from it oblige us to “elevate” our reports to a higher level, which makes 2024 an intense year of preparation for the implementation of the directive. Deeper integration of sustainability into operational processes, clear strategic goals, indicators related to sustainable activities and action plans to achieve them, accurate and understandable data collection process, data processing and representation, as well as the interest of the responsible people and the entire organization to achieve the best possible results become as much challenging as a great opportunity for developing business.

The main works expected this year in order to maximally prepare for the implementation of the directive:

  • Familiarizing ourselves with and delving into the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) published on December 22, 2023, based on which sustainability reports will need to be prepared.
  • Conducting a double materiality assessment.
  • Including additional categories of emissions in Scope 3 (indirect emissions generated in the company’s supply chain) in the calculation of GHG emissions.
  • Continuously monitoring sustainability indicators, analyzing them, and, as needed, anticipating the necessary actions for their adjustment or improvement to achieve the set goals.
  • Organizing sustainability workshops for company managers to further involve and empower them in finding common solutions to the most challenging aspects of sustainability.
  • Conducting educational and awareness-raising initiatives and projects for employees on sustainability issues.


How do we promote sustainability in the organization?

Education and continuous improvement is one of our core values. In the group of companies, there is a lecturer who creates high added value for education, dedicated to the development of training programs and their successful implementation. Additionally, we’ve established a driver’s academy aimed at educating and training our drivers. Meanwhile, we promote sustainability education and awareness raising using various communication channels (newsletters, internal channels, emails), as well as inviting employees to various types of thematic initiatives and sustainability projects.

In early 2024, we formulated and presented an annual initiative plan centered around integrating the key aspects of ESG sustainability. Each month, we focus on a specific sustainability topic, providing knowledge, engaging activations to involve employees, and introducing projects that strengthen connections and raise awareness not only within the company but also with external stakeholders. We extend an invitation to everyone to explore, gather ideas, and become part of these initiatives!

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