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Given the nature of the sector’s operations, prioritizing environmental protection is integral to our strategy for sustainable business development. We invest across various fronts to control, manage, and reduce environmental impact, ranging from adopting innovations and technologies to implementing actions that decrease CO2 emissions.

We have integrated the 4 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the field of environmental protection

The corporate group’s strategy incorporates a total of 11 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

6. Clean water and sanitation

To ensure water availability, sustainable management and sanitation for all.

7. Affordable and clean energy

To ensure modern, sustainable and reliable energy that is accessible to everyone.

12. Responsible consumption and production

To ensure models of sustainable consumption and production.

13. Climate action

To take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

The main strategic environmental goals of the company

Through its logistics and freight forwarding services, Integre Trans aims to ensure the long-term implementation of sustainability principles concerning the environment, respond to the needs of stakeholders, and actively manage its impact on the planet, people, and business outcomes. To achieve this, the company has set four key strategic sustainability goals, two of which are directly dedicated to environmental protection:


Significant aspects of environmental protection in Integre Trans

The Integre Trans group of companies has implemented the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Protection Management System standard. This involves identifying the most significant aspects of environmental protection within the company, determining their impact on the environment.

CO2 reduction
Fuel use
Route planning
Waste management
Leakage/spillage of freights during an accident

How we ensure the implementation of environmental protection

Resourse / waste reduction plan

Sustainability strategy

Sustainability policy

Environmental training for administration employees

Actions to reduce GHG emissions

Development of intermodal freight services was started
Maximum speed in trucks travelling using adaptive cruise control is limited to 85 km/h
ECO driving drivers academy and personal motivational system for drivers based on ECO driving operate within the company
There are particular positions within the company, appointed for monitoring, control and management of economical travelling
Trucks owned by Integre Trans particular ECO SOFT FLEET programs are installed which help to save fuel and reduce CO2 emission
Using Fleethand system we plan the optimal routes that reduce empty travelled kilometers
We only invest into new trucks (average age of our trucks is 1.3 years)
All trucks comply with requirements of Euro 6

Recognizing our negative impact on the rise of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and committed to mitigating it, we have not only implemented measures to reduce emissions but also, in 2022, invested in offsetting CO2 emissions by acquiring 9,000 carbon credits for a project underway in Mexico. The project aims to generate renewable electricity through the construction and operation of a 137.5MW wind farm in the municipality of Unión. This supported initiative is certified by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) organization.

Through this project, we successfully offset 9,000 tCO2e, equivalent to 8.39% of all greenhouse gas emissions generated in 2022.

Waste reduction actions

Performed initiative “Saying goodbye to individual recycle bins under desks”

Performed initiative “Spring cleanliness at workplace and in personal computers“

In meeting rooms at Lithuanian offices single use plastic water bottles removed and instead of those multiple use cups for water started to be used

Kitchen cleansing products (dishwashing detergent, sponges) were substituted with environment friendly products

“Integre market“ started to operate – it is a platform for sustainable exchange of objects among employees

Drinking tap water is used – we do not buy water in plastic packaging

Environmental projects and initiatives

Forest planting initiative

It represents the most significant annual environmental initiative, uniting Integre Trans employees, their families, and friends. In 2023, during the forest planting initiative, we joined forces with over 80 employees to plant an impressive 11,000 pine trees in the forests of the Varėna district. We are committed to continuing this project next year as well.

“Week without a car”

Annually, we conduct a series of initiatives aimed at educating and encouraging employees to swap their cars for more sustainable modes of transportation. Throughout the ”Week without a car”’ employees collaborated by commuting to work together, utilizing electric scooters provided by the company for daily needs, gaining insights into the issue of climate warming and understanding the transport sector’s role in exacerbating it, among other activities.

Sustainable Christmas

Embracing the festive spirit in 2022, we invited employees to a workshop where sustainable Christmas toys crafted from recycled materials adorned our office trees. In 2023, we continued the tradition of celebrating Christmas collectively by creating eco-friendly Christmas trees. This not only raised awareness among employees but also fostered creativity.

Read more about sustainability initiatives HERE.

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