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The employees of Integre Trans companies are our primary asset and the key to our success. Each day, we exert considerable effort to ensure their overall well-being. In fulfilling Integre Trans’s social responsibility, we also engage other key stakeholders, underscoring not only the company’s strategic approach but also recognizing it as an essential element for operational success and long-term continuity.

We have integrated the 4 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the field of social responsibility

The corporate group’s strategy incorporates a total of 11 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Good health and well-being

To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all groups at all ages.

8. Decent work and economic growth

To promote sustainable, inclusive and harmonious economic growth, efficient hiring and adequate work.

10. Reduced inequalities

To reduce inequality among countries and within countries.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

To ensure inclusive, safe, resistant and sustainable cities and settlements.

Equality, diversity, inclusion

We strive daily to create a modern, safe, and enjoyable work environment that fosters growth and self-realization. Embracing diversity is a core value at our workplace, encompassing various cultures, genders, races, and religions. Special training sessions and events are organized to promote awareness and cultivate a tolerant company culture. Our objective is to establish a working environment where everyone feels valued and understood.

We invite you to explore the company’s metrics and accomplishments in the realms of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

How we ensure the implementation of social responsibility

International standard for occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001
A secure reporting channel to disclose information regarding violations related to discrimination and occupational health and safety concerns
Ethics and Social Responsibility Policy (for employees and suppliers)
Dedicated employees in the areas of equal opportunities, sustainability, occupational health and safety, data protection

How we take care of our employees

We undertake various measures to ensure the well-being of our employees, encompassing the creation of career opportunities, the development of both professional and ‘soft’ skills, health insurance coverage, and engagement in diverse sustainability initiatives.

Employee satisfaction

Conducting regular employee engagement and satisfaction surveys aids in gaining a deeper understanding of employee needs and fulfilling expectations. Our employees find motivation in managers who embrace innovation, opportunities for self-realization and growth within the company, amicable colleagues, a positive company culture, and engaging extracurricular activities.

Our dedicated emphasis on employees has yielded outstanding results in terms of employee job satisfaction and recommendations for the company as an employer, as indicated by the 2022 survey data below.


Social responsibility projects and initiatives

Employee Ambassadors Club

The company has a club that unites active employees involved in the company’s activities.

Cooperation with Vilnius Tech

In 2023, we initiated a collaboration with Vilnius Tech University by granting scholarships totaling EUR 6,000 to first-year logistics students and offering internship opportunities within our company.

VšĮ „Pagalba Tau“ (eng. “Help for you” organization)

The owner of Integre Trans companies has established a support fund with the aim of contributing to the realization of social needs and ideas among the company’s employees and for the betterment of society. The main areas of support include healthcare, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, humanitarian aid, education, and the promotion of diversity and equality.

Promotion of volunteerism

To promote societal well-being, we offer our employees the opportunity to volunteer at a non-governmental or charitable organization of their choice for one paid working day per calendar year.

Good deeds reports ❄️

We believe that a safe and joyful society is built by each of us. Therefore, in December 2022, considering the challenges faced by everyone in recent years, we decided that instead of buying gifts, we want to do more meaningful work that would serve the community, our employees and the environment. As 2023 concludes, we look forward to sharing the outcomes of how we fulfilled the promises we made.

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